Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reason #432 Why I'll Never Be an Executive

The VP was in my office today.  No big, he's in my office a lot.  Usually, he's standing across from me (probably looking at my boobs - he seriously has an issue with the obvious boob-looking). Today he was standing behind my desk with me looking at something (that miraculously wasn't Facebook) on my computer.

Him:  What the hell is that?
Me:  What?
Him:  That - there.
Me:  A unicorn stabbing a mime.

Him:  In a Zen garden?
Me:  It's relaxing.

Him walking out the door and shaking his head...



Cindy said...


Sarah said...

Well, I'm certainly relaxed now.

tamatha said...

That is fabulous! I love you even more. Who would have thought that to be possible?

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Did you tell him the unicorn was just protecting the Zen garden from the evil of mimes? Also, You should be an executive based on the fact that you own one of those.

Lainie said...


Xtreme said...

Now, can someone make Mime hunting legal?

Pants said...

I miss your face!

(And that picture is the most hilarious thing I've seen all day!)