Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No More No Whining Wednesday?

Hiya!  So, I started the whole No Whining Wednesday thing about 6 months ago and frankly, it lasted about 5 1/2 months longer than I thought it would.  The enthusiasm and participation has been WONDERFUL and greatly appreciated.  Seriously, I really can't begin to express how many times you guys have yanked me out of the Bitter Barn with your positive comments and how appreciative I am - thank you! 

That said, I think it's run its course and it may be time to try something else; a new day with some sort of alliteration and theme.  I, of course, have not actually spent any real time thinking about this, so I'm putting it out there for you.  What should be the next day/theme?  I'm open to all suggestions and I'm looking forward to your ideas!

I'll still continue to observe the spirit of No Whining Wednesday, on Facebook and in my fleshlife, and I absolutely encourage everyone else to keep it up if you're feeling it, but I'm also looking forward to a change.  I'm looking forward to a new challenge and I hope you are, too!

Happy No Whining Wednesday and lay your suggestions on me!


TK said...

At last. Victory is mine! Burn in hell, No Whining Wednesday.

(spits on corpse)

Deistbrawler said...

There's a bar near me that does Tasty Tuesday.

Malicious Monday?
--do something devious, against the norm for you. Live.

Tasty Tuesday?
--try a new drink. There is a bar near me that has over 300 different types of beer. I've tried something in the 70's range.

Travel Thursday?
--go someplace you've never been. It doesn't have to be far, it could be around you. Say, a restaurant you've never eaten at but always been curious about. Or a park that you drive past everyday but never stop.

Forgetful Friday?
--whatever you do today it doesn't matter. Feel like dancing on a bar? Cool, its Forgetful Friday, you never have to remember it again.

Slutty Saturday?
--Never asked someone out but always wanted to? Got a sexy dress that you've never worn. Feel like getting dolled up just to have some time with B.O.B.? Whatever, let that slut side bust out.

Simple Sunday?
--As they wanted it to be in the bible. Sunday is a day of rest. Don't clean, don't cook, just...relax.

Cindy said...

Wicked Wednesday. Let your bad self out. Tell jokes that fly over 13's head and laugh with your boss. Hide all the t.p. in the employee bathroom. Put decaf in the coffee machine. Flip off that jerk who cut you off on the way to work. Whee!

Figgylicious said...

Turgid Tuesday!

I don't know what it'd involve (hee), but I love the sound of it. Someone else can think for me.

Shadows of Dakaron said...

You see that? You're letting TK win. Not only must we celebrate NWW more...but we must step it up a notch.

I'm perfectly fine with "Torture TK with Tangy Tulips Tuesdays"

Shadows of Dakaron said...

Aww...I wanna play Scrabble...

Big Daddy said...

One of my friends told me that she would only participate in No Whining Wednesday if she could have "Tantrum Tuesday" the day before. So in that spirit, I nominate Tantrum Tuesday.

Lainey said...

Just for TK, I'm not getting rid of No Whining Wednesday. If it irritates him, then it pleases me.

Thanks for your suggestions and sorry it took me so long to respond. Being lazy is really time consuming, you guys!

I think I like Big Daddy's idea the best. I'd like to do Tantrum Tuesdays WITH the caveat that if you do Tantrum Tuesdays you also have to participate in No Whining Wednesday. I can't handle too much negativity in one place without some positivity, too. I'll work on putting it together and I'll post something later this week or (more realistically) next week. Thanks again for all of your suggestions!