Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quick and Dirty

Quick and dirty and short and sweet - I'll let you make your own joke.

Ok, so, even though Cindy's on vacation and isn't around to nag me about my blog, I feel obligated to post something anyway. 

It's like seconds away from being Wednesday, so I'm not really allowed to whine about how MEG keeps kicking my ass in Scrabble and making me wonder why I continue to play with her and I'm not really allowed to whine about how that boy's flight got canceled last weekend, so we didn't get to make the kissy faces at each other.  INSTEAD, I'm going to focus on how I WON a game of Scrabble (not against that damn Meg though!) and how that boy's flight got rescheduled for this weekend, so I'll get to make kissy faces in THREE days!

Yeah, so if I can just get through the next 3 days (AGAIN), things will be good. 

Here are a few more of those calendar things (holy BALLS, thank god for that damn calendar so I don't have to think!)
  • Meatballs
  • Barbie doll hair (Seriously, it says this)
  • The smell of popcorn (Ok, but not the microwave kind.  Sometimes it smells VILE.)
  • Whimsical toothbrushes (Is this a thing?)
  • Having pizzazz (Oh man, I love that word!  Could you even have that word in Scrabble?)
  • High ceilings (Unless you have to paint them)
  • A hemidemisemiquaver note (Anyone?)
  • Toasted and buttered English muffins (Mmmm, with blackberry jam!)
What's going on with YOU kiddos?  Do you have anything fun planned?  Are you looking forward to anything?   Do you have anything to add to the happy list above?

Happy No Whining Wednesday!


Nicolae said...

Have fun making kissy faces all over each other. Plan changes are never fun, but the extension can make the meeting a lot more fun.

I think the toothbrushes are the ones that play music, or like this naked body set.

Looking forward to watching the Saints kick the Cardinals' asses and the season premier of 24. Also looking forward to returning to New Orleans. Maybe catching the Rugby Club practice.

Lizzie said...

I had to look it up (hooray for the Google!), but the hemidemi thinger is a note that is played for 1/64th of the duration of a normal note. Or something like that.

Hooray for kissy faces! *squee for Lainey*

I had an english muffin with peanut butter this morning, which is just as good as with butter, IF NOT BETTER.

And I listened to the Gaga at very loud volumes on the way to work, so I'm good!

brite said...

As far as 'happy making stuff' goes...I'm getting married one week from today...that's pretty happy inducing, no?

Cindy said...

I should not read your blog right before bed - english muffins with blackberry jam! Oh my, I hope I can dream of floating in a buttery cranny, surrounded by crispy bits and purple delight.

You'd better believe I'll be back to nagging away this week.