Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pine FuckNuttery Part 2

Dammit.  Remember this?  So, I decided to try pine nuts again, thinking that maybe my reaction last time was because of a bad batch or specific to a particular type of pine nut.  This time I bought the teeny, tiny, wee pine nuts, as opposed to the big, torpedo-shaped ones like last time.  I thought they would be good with brussel sprouts.  I THOUGHT they'd be a nummy treat after not having had them for a year.  Why did I think this?  Because I am teh dumb.

Yuck.  Food is gross again.  And you wanna' know the REALLY sucky part?  I just bought the tastiest, sweetest, most flavorful blueberries (Chilean, natch) I've ever eaten and now they taste like battery acid.  (Ok, well, I'm guessing on that.  I've never actually had battery acid, so who knows, maybe it tastes delightful?)  Just like before, sweets and bread taste the blechiest, so maybe that's a good thing.  Maybe I'll lose a few ounces. 

Luckily, this time I only ate a few, because I wanted to see if I'd tolerate them.  I'm hoping maybe that means I won't have this nasty bitter taste for as long as last time.

Oh and not related to anything above - I taught Willow to come when I call her by using a hand command.  How cool is that?  She still ignores me about 50% of the time, because she IS a cat and they are hateful, little things, but the rest of the time, she actually responds.  She also sits for treats.  If I can just get her to stop whining at me from across the room, she'll be my favorite cat EVER.  (Shhh, don't tell her, but she already is my favorite cat ever.  Shhhhh, she'll get all cocky and shit if she knows this.)

So, I haven't talked to you kids for a while.  What's going on with you?  Any news?  OH and don't freak out or anything, but I'm probably going to post another entry tomorrow - TWO days in a row!  Can you even stand the excitement?


Xtreme said...

Soooooo... a sucker for punishment, then??

Cindy said...

If you post two days in a row, the world will explode!

I'm not big on pine nuts myself - but I haven't had bitter ones.

Went grocery shopping and made a bunch of purees of different kinds of vegetables to sneak into my son's food. Time consuming to cook and puree them all, but the boy is just refusing everything nutritious these days, so what else can I do? Tonight: mashed sweet potatoes with squash puree. Also, hubby made applesauce and carrot (pureed) muffins with crumb topping. Yum!

I want to see kitty tricks. Put up some video on the fb (with your fancy phone)!

The Management said...

Battery acid is wonderfully tangy. I'm just saying.

Lainey said...

Xtreme - It is SO hard being pretty!

Cindy - The pine nuts aren't bitter, they taste normal. It's some stupid, weird reaction I have to them. I love the masking of the veggies for the kid! HAAA, poor kids have no idea. Awesome.

PS: I think I really like this phone, but the video & camera set up is retarded and it's hard to record anything if you're not just pointing it straight ahead. I'll mess with it and see if I can capture her doing anything besides sleeping or eating.

Mngmt - I can't help but feeling like you're trying to trick me...

Snath said...

I wish I had a way to make food bland and/or gross, so maybe I could lose some damn weight.

Though if I use the Listerine Whitening mouthwash it kills the taste buds on my tongue, making food lose its flavor, so I guess I could just keep using that stuff. Close enough, right?

Nicolae said...

Looking forward to heading home to enjoy the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras (aka the greatest bender ever), and some inconvenient crap in the middle of all the fun.