Monday, February 1, 2010

I Am a Thieving Thief

I copied this entry idea from my delightful friend A Lover and a Fighter over at Hobocamp, because A) I adore her and everything she does and B) because I have nothing to write about and I feel like a big ol' lazy lazyass and need to write something soon before you all go away and find BETTER boring people to read about.

Things You'll Never Hear Me Say:
  • Pie is not suitable for dinner.
  • I can't wait to dust!
  • Please get me LOTS of ketchup packets and make SURE they put extra mustard on it!
  • Hyperbole is stupid.
  • I plan to be the first in line for this new technology.
  • I beat Meg at a game of Scrabble. 
  • $10 is not too much to spend on lip balm.
  • There's nothing worth watching on tv, so I'm just going to do something productive instead.
  • Being in "The Friend Zone" is just as good.  
  • I am very graceful and have superior balance.
  • No, I don't have to pee.
  • I don't need anything from Sephora.
  • My job is fulfilling and makes me feel good about my life choices.
  • Oh, happy day, these pants fit perfectly & I won't need to wear heels with them or have them hemmed!
  • I'm too thin and tan.
 Things I Never Thought I Would Say & Yet Have Said:
  • My mp3 player needs more memory.
  • Quitting smoking was actually pretty easy.
  • I like my freckles.
  • Coke Zero is delicious!
  • Pine nuts are of THE DEVIL.
  • The problem with kids today...
  • I've met some of my closest friends and favorite people over the internet.
  • I'm going to be FORTY in a month.
  • Brussel sprouts are tasty.
  • I don't know if I could live without Facebook.
  • I kind of like living in Ohio. (mostly)
  • According to Google Reader, 45 people read this nonsense.
What about you?  What's something you'll never say and something you never thought you'd say?


    Jeremy Feist said...

    HEE! actually, I read on Serious Eats a while ago about Pine Nut mouth and all I could think about was you :P Also, I'm stealing this from you too. HA!

    A Lover and a Fighter said...

    hell YES brussels sprouts are delicious!

    litelysalted said...

    OMG! Do pine nuts give you a wicked case of the farts too? Or they the devil for other reasons?

    Nicolae said...

    What's something you'll never say and something you never thought you'd say?

    Something I'll never say: Let's go climb that glacier again!

    Never thought I'd say: No, with this room size you're going to want to go with brighter tones of blue and silver.