Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Crabbypants McGee

So, I might be taking a break from Pajiba for a bit. It's just not that fun for me anymore. Ever since the April Fool's prank, I'm just not loving it. I'm still a bit bitter and kind of hurt, I guess. I feel like the little community that was created was destroyed. Not just destroyed by the staff, but also by the nameless "me too-ers" who were brave enough to chime in about feeling excluded, but not brave enough to ever post so they could be included. Logic like that confounds me. The timing of it was so crappy, too. We had all just come together to say goodbye to 'Manda and everyone was feeling all Kumbaya and shit and then, *splat*. Anything for a joke, right?

The regular old time crew, socalled, Sarina, Julie, PissBoy, jM, jamiepants and others I'm not remembering right now, appear to have stepped back into the shadows - oh, Shadows of Dakaron, that's who I forgot! - and it's a few new people and a few of us regulars and we're trying so hard to not let anything go off topic or offend anyone lurking that it's not really organic or entertaining to me anymore. Maybe I'm just cranky in general and need a nap.

Regardless, I miss the goofy. I miss the zombies. I miss SKITZ! And while it did irritate me on occasion, (and yes, I participated on occasion as well) I miss the sexual banter. The cheesy flirtations and the downright dirty flirty. I miss the silliness. I miss my friends.

This probably didn't warrant an announcement, but I'm really rather bummed about it, so I figured I'd share. Maybe this is all a bunch of word vomit and I'll change my mind tomorrow. Who knows? I may still read a bit when I'm supposed to be working, because seriously, how much work can they expect me to actually do? But, I don't think I'll be hanging out there as much. If anything super fun pops up, let me know, 'k? I'm still on the Facespace and visiting all of your blogs and I still love you all to pieces, but for now anyway, I'm gonna' find something else to do with my screwing around on the internet time.


Jeremy Feist said...

Awww, bummer, honey. It does feel a little weird now that Amanda has gone, but there's still something about that wonderful place that brings me back. Hopefully, you'll find that something again too! Anyways, we'll miss ya!

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Not as organic... that's a terifically accurate way to describe it. It's not quite the same feeling.

Well, c'est la vie, as they say. Meanwhile, we're all friends on the outside now, so yay! for that.

Also, I'm fairly certain I need a nap. I don't know if that's a contributing factor though.

Shadows of Dakaron said...

Milady, I agree, and I lament the fun and shenanigans we all used to get up to. I miss those olden times when we all just had some fun and talked about movies and porno names and Turk's Poison dance and had such a great time. It felt like such a community. Ever since my work banned the website (fascists!), I've been falling behind. But instead of feeling like I have to catch up, I just think about how it used to be. Now I get on there and I'm totally lost and feeling a vacancy.

I feel like the old man. I mean...even Skittimus isn't as prolific anymore! His posts are nowhere near as inventively ragetastic as they used to be!

I guess what I'm saying is...at least we still have Paris.

MelodyLane said...

I feel the same way. There's something missing, but I can't figure it out. I don't read as much nor do I post as much, but some of that is beyond my control. I love having you guys as Facebook friends though!

Sofi said...

Yeah, I agree, Lainey. Pajiba lurkers can be so emo sometimes.

Wait... but aren't we, the regulars, supposed to OWN the site? Let's get shit crankin' again!

From here to Friday I'll post nothing but off-topic comments. Lurkers can suck the rubber dick I keep in my closet.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Here are the words I couldn't come up with last night (godtopus bless the shower, the ultimate thinking place):

It's like an AOL news item comment thread now. Alright, it's not that bad (good grief, nothing's that bad), but still... nobody appears to be reading the other comments before putting their own $.02 in. It's all, "Me me me! Look at what I know! Look how clever I am!". There's no more of that back-and-forth, collaborative feeling.

Here's what this reminds me of: at my old job, a mail-order company with three retail stores, we had a store coordinator. While each store had a manager, she was the boss of all the stores. Well, she wanted to be friends with everybody and wanted everybody to like her, so she started going out for drinks and karaoke with everybody. Well, the next thing you know, if something isn't right in the stores, she's yelling at the employees about it, like they're having a personal argument; the employees are confused as to what their boundaries are, both in the workplace and in personal hang-out time; and people are getting fired for stupid petty reasons that they shouldn't be fired for.

You can't be friends with people under your employ and then fire them for doing things friends do.

Also, I can't help but feel like certain of the staff are kind of ... smarmy now, you know? Like they're better than everyone else, a little. And that makes me sad in the pants. Especially when I liked them so much before.

And Sofia, my love, that is the most awesomest idea ever! You rock my world, girl.

meaux said...

I think for me, I noticed a big change when they started with the many posts per day--it just got to be too much to read all of the posts and *then* all of the comments. It's hard for all of us kids to get in on one conversation when there are so many articles below which to chat!

Like Jeremy, though, I think there's still some magic to be had there (but, *ahem* don't go looking for said magic in the Observe & Report thread...). Maybe a little break will be a good thing, perhaps? Anyway, to echo everyone else's sentiments, it's been so great hanging out with you guys here and in Facebookland. Cheers to that!

Lainey said...

Hi all, I should respond to each of you individually, but that seems like work and I think we all know how I feel about that!

Jeremy & Meaux - you're right, of course, there is definitely still a lot about Pajiba I love. A LOT. I'm just gonna' limit my time there for a bit to see if maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder. And in the meantime, I'm gonna' love the CRAP outta' you on Facebook!

Melody, Shadows, Sofi, AvB - thanks for saying things better than I could. It breaks my heart. I just feel like it's similar to my job when one or two people are doing something wrong or breaking the rules and I'm asked to send out a memo to the whole company. Really? Can't you just talk to the couple of people who are fucking it up for everyone rather than issuing some blanket proclamation to everyone? Or when the executives go to lunch together and come back with some retarded new thing to implement for all of the employees without getting any feedback from the people it will actually impact.

Thanks for everyone's input and kind words!

Shadows of Dakaron said...

I agree, meaux...when they switched the format to many times a day, is when I started to feel a little more pressured to be "on". It was no longer just a pleasant back and forth, like a comfortable conversation among friends like you'd have on your couch after just watching a movie or show.

Sigh. I may not be on as often. With not being on at work and having too much to do at night, I'm barely able to keep up here on facebook. And in all honesty, I've made a lot of Pajiba friends already that I've brought over here in FBland, and I think I'll just maintain here for awhile. Cuz I love you guys. Even the crazy Chileans with dicks in their closets.

jM said...

I feel the exact same way. You said it perfectly. It's not organic anymore. Most of time I'll start typing something and then I'll just delete because it doesn't seem worth it now. The bitchiness in "Scathing Reviews, Bitchy People" is running rampant nowadays and it's permeating the whole site. I'm far more enjoying talking to you guys on Facebook.

Lainey said...

jM, please NEVER delete any of your comments on Pajiba! Seriously, dude, sometimes they make me wet myself a little.

Meaux & Shadows, I think you're right. Now that I think about it, when the shift to more content happened, I noticed a definite change in posting habits. It's so much harder to keep up and you miss a lot if you skip certain articles & comments. I'm glad there's more to read, but it does require more attention than it did in the past.

I've noticed the last few days that things have sort of settled down. Or my meds have kicked in. Either way, I'm still reading throughout the day and I've thrown out a comment here and there. Maybe I just needed to vent a bit and take a step back. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt there was a tonal change though. That made me feel better. But then again, you guys *always* make me feel better!

lordhelmet said...

Awww, Lainey, don't go! We need you!

It's our little community, it's what we make it. I've been a bit busy lately but while I'm not fond of the oversaturated format I just save my best (well, ok, comparatively it's mediocre) input for the threads that deserve it. It's gotten better lately, and I'd hate to see more of the eloquents leaving out of frustration.

If nothing else, we'll always have bacons and FB!

Julie said...

Wait...aren't I always around still? :)

Lainey said...

It seemed as though you were less around for a few days, Julie and it was right about the same time I was feeling extra-special blah.

lordhelmet - I'm not going anywhere. I'm entirely too lazy to locate another funny, bitchy and beautifully written website.

Lizzie said...

I'm sad because I know what you're talking about. But I'm glad that you're not gone entirely. I already feel like I miss so much because I can't be on FB during the day anymore, and I never seem to be quite *in* on the jokes. Or not always. Or I don't know, I just feel really bleh and on the sidelines today. I don't even know why!

I both dislike and like the more content format. Like it because the slightly fewer comments makes it a bit easier for me to keep up during the day, since I can't quite sit on Pajiba like I used to (stupid new office), but dislike for the same reasons that everyone else already said.

Things do seem to have settled. It feels better. Maybe especially with BaconEast getting close. Maybe? Or is that just me?