Tuesday, August 18, 2009

NWW, Wheeeee!

Hey guys, yeah, I suck. I know. That may or may not have been part of the SEX story I promised you...

I'm finding that between Pajiba, Facebook, Twitter and here, I don't really have that much to say. My boss would find that SHOCKING because I always seem to have plenty of shit to say at work. I think she'd like to institute "No Talking Wednesday". Yeah, that's just not gonna' happen. But really, I just don't have much of anything to write about. If something fun or interesting or annoying happens, I usually put it on Facebook or Twitter and then if I put it here, it seems repetitious (ok, seriously? That's a really hard word to spell!) I'm having trouble coming up with stuff that isn't 400 pages long or just a rehash of my stupid boring days. *sigh* I have no idea why you guys keep coming back. Except for Anna von Beaverplatz. She keeps coming back to see if we're actually the same person. I'm fairly certain that we are. Did you guys read her real time review of The Lost Boys? Ok, go read it. I'll wait.

Speaking of von Beav - we're going to watch Fear Wednesday night. Again, I've published this all over my damn Facebook page, so everyone but Cindy (*ahem*, dude, just come over to the Dark Side. Life is SO much nicer once you just succumb to the Pajiba peer pressure) should have seen the news that we're watching it. I'm pretty excited to watch it because a) it's a REALLY crappy movie, but I love the hell out of it and b) even though he plays a total psycho, it's where my love for Marky Mark was cemented. I love his whispery/raspy voice with the heavy Boston accent. I never had an interest in him when he had his crappy "band" or even when he was a Calvin Klein underwear model. But, as an actor, I dig him. He's got the sexiness.

What else? Oh, Wednesday is my boss's birthday. I'm picking up lunch and bringing a card for everyone to sign. I asked Thirteen if she would pick up a cake or cupcakes. She goes, "Yeah sure. I'll just bring some cookies or something." NO, DUMBASS. CAKE! Whatever. She's really lucky I haven't run over her in the parking lot yet.

I *will* post the SEX story at some point, but I haven't decided yet how much to share & I can't decide if it's even interesting to anyone but me. We'll see. I WILL tell you this though - did you know Amazon.com sells sex toys? Well, they do! Doesn't matter how I know, just say, "thanks for the valuable info, Lainey". You're welcome!

So, you guys up for another round of No Whining Wednesday? Are you still into it? I am! I can't believe the effect it has on my mood. It's amazing the difference I feel when I know that I don't necessarily have to be Suzy Sunshine, but I also know that I can't be Debbie Downer. That second of checking myself before I automatically bitch about something or the energy I redirect from whining to finding something positive in the situation. It really puts me in a better mood from the moment I wake up. Does it do that for you too or are you all just humoring me? I hope it's doing something for each of you. Even if it's just for a couple of minutes a week. Your comments and positive energy are like a drug for me and I look forward to Wednesdays now. Thanks for that!

And now that I've babbled on and on, Happy No Whining Wednesday! Gimme my fix!


Lizzie said...

Yay! Fear tonight! Netflix mailed it to me yesterday! Are we gonna do a chat? Keep me posted! :)

(in other news, the word verification right now is "parde" which made me think of "Pardy" which made me think of Nathon Fillion. Which... *sigh* Thanks, Lainster!)

Tracer Bullet said...

Sex is pretty much always interesting.

cindy said...

Still no sex? Oh, that's nice. I wasn't even looking for it. Who needs sex? Did you say sex toys? Did you mean "personal care items"? PCI are nice.

I'm trying very hard to be positive. I'm positive it is a lovely, sunny day and my girls are playing in the kiddie pool while my son naps. I'm positive Daddy and I will have some good grown-up time the next few days while my kids are visiting the in-laws. And I'm positive it will be really cool when we get to see District 9 together this weekend.

Facebook? I think I've heard of that place. Do they have cupcakes?

onthevirg said...

Lainey, I told you about this already. You push Thirteen in front of a car, not do it yourself. Deniability is the key my dear.

Nicole said...

I really, really want to read a Lainey sex story. I'm a perv. I'll admit it.

I cannot participate in NWW. I know, I suck balls. (Not literally. They're hairy and then you get that tickle in your throat and ew.) But the point is that I cannot participate, because Wednesday is usually the lowest point of my workweek, and I always have at least two godawful meetings and for some reason Wednesday is the day the bosses always throw a "Hey, this project needs to be done in 24 hours! We've known about it for three months, but we thought we'd make it a surprise! Whee! No, you all are not getting a raise. Silly bastards, wanting more money. Work, fools, work! Spreadsheets! Reports! Kill the trees!" Etc.

I do strongly admire your resolve, though.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

This week Wednesday is my Friday. I have taken two days of vacation to spend with my grandmother. I'm taking her in for a makeover. Then we're going shoe shopping, followed by cookies and ice cream.

Also, Friday is Kings of Leon concert. Wooohooo!

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Every time I talk to you, I become more convinced. Not kidding. Except for the capers thing.

Lainey said...

Lizzie - Yeah, it was a crappy movie, but it was really fun watching it with all y'all!

Tracer - Obviously you haven't had sex with some of the people I've had sex with.

Cindy - That sounds like a pretty good day & weekend. And yes, Facebook totally has cupcakes!!

Virg - I know, but it's not nearly as gratifying as hearing the *THUD* when my car nails her and then the *thump* when I drive over her tiny, skinny, broken body. Oh and good luck on your ride! You're pretty awesome, sir!

Nicole - I kinda' think you may be missing the point a tidge. It's not about not having bad days or pretending that shitty stuff doesn't happen. The intention is to just find a way to not *focus* on the crappy and instead redirect your energy for one day a week. It's mostly my way of not letting my personal baggage spill into other people's lives & realizing that, all things considered, my life is FAR from bad, which I tend to forget when I'm mired in the day-to-day garbage. Anyway, all that to say, I hope you'll decide to give it a shot one week. You may find that it's kind of fun!

Girl - That sounds really fun! Shoe shopping and cookies? It doesn't get much better than that. Enjoy!

AvB - I'm gonna' ask my dad if it's possible that maybe I have a long-lost twin. I'll bet this is TOTALLY the case! Except for the nasty-ass capers thing...

Thank you all so much! I was serious when I said your participation each week is like a drug. I'm totally and completely addicted to your positivity!

Nicole said...

I'll not be whining this Wednesday, because I will be doped up on propofol (upper endoscopy = day off from work, whee!) and will most likely be posting gibberish on the FB from the Crackberry, unless me mam confiscates it so that I don't randomly text the Gentleman Friend while he's attempting to work and shit. I am going to be high as a mofo. But not Michael Jackson "whoops, didn't mean for you to die!" sort of high.