Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Umm, Hey There Wednesday...

Noooo, I totally didn't forget you!  How could you think such a thing?

(Pssst, you guys, I totally forgot about Wednesday!)

I didn't write up anything last night, like I normally do, and I will be going out after work to meet up with the HR ladies, so I won't be able to do it later.  So, yeah, um, I'm at work, not having Veteran's Day off, because my company *obviously* hates America and trying to write a blog post while I'm trying to pretend to do work and not get fired, so you guys are kind of on your own today.  Talk amongst yourselves. 

Here are a few good things going on with me, so there's NO whining from this lady today!

  • I made a giant pot of chili, so I have leftovers for days - awesome!  I also made a spaghetti squish, so that'll feed me with chicken or with vegetables or in Chinese food or just a bowl of squish!  I don't remember if I posted it here or if it was on Facebook, but I told Cindy to nuke the spaghetti squash for a few minutes to make it easier to cut - yeah, don't do that.  I've done it that way a couple of times and it makes it kinda' mushy/slimyish.  I recommend doing it the old fashioned way and risking loss of fingers and/or hands by trying to cut the damn, hard thing. It'll make you appreciate it more if you have to bleed work for it.  This is one time the internet wasn't helpful for me.
  •  GLEE! is back on tonight!  Oh Finn and Puck, how I love your pretty faces and voices.  Glee, glee, glee, GLEE!!!
  •  Every time I walk by my living room I see the beautiful, fuzzy, warm blanket (infused with LOVE) that Sarina made 'specially for me and it makes me all gooey and happy & I have to stop and pet it.  For real, you guys, I don't know if you understand how much this blanket means to me.  Sarina does NOT enjoy working and she did actual WORK on this blanket.  I loves it!
  •  And finally, one of my employees has to get rabies shots because a raccoon sneaked into her house through the roof and she woke up with its PAW IN HER MOUTH!!!  So, I think that all things considered, I have nothing to complain about and frankly, neither do any of you unless YOU woke up with a raccoon's PAW IN YOUR MOUTH!
So, other than that whole raccoon thing, what other good stuff do you guys have  going on?  Anything you're excited about or looking forward to?  Any stories about waking up with things in your mouth? 

Happy No Whining Wednesday!!


Cindy said...

Holy shit, that's crazy! In her mouth? I wonder what he was looking for.

So, trying to make me eat slimy squish, are you? Remind me to have someone else test out your kitchen ideas.

It is barely noon and I have already cleaned, made dinner, made the kids' lunches for tomorrow, played with my boy and heated up some leftover spaghetti for his lunch. So I'm doing pretty darned well today.

Happy NWW!

Cindy said...

Wait! Maybe he wanted to see if she had good teeth? Maybe he's a RACCOON DENTIST!

Trouble said...

In her mouth?! Gah! Poor thing!

Anonymous said...

i had a raccoon endodontist once who gave me a root canal.
with a real root.

Nicole said...

It's true - our company is run by freedom-hating commies. Joke's on them - your employees can't do their jobs when all of the payors have the day off!

Mel Biv Devoe said...

That raccoon story is killing me. I'm just picturing your employee waking up, feeling something in her mouth, and sloooowly turning her head... to see a raccoon staring at her. Unbelievable.

Deistbrawler said...

Who knows, maybe the Coon saved her from that little troll that steals people's souls.

You know...took the place of a cat because a cat wasn't there.

Or maybe it just wanted some loving.


first time visitor

i am just trying to even begin to imagine what my reaction would be if i woke up with a raccoon's paw in my mouth

not a good one

A Lover and a Fighter said...


Lainey said...

Holy balls, I'm a slacker! Sorry for not replying sooner. I can't believe it's been a whole week. I totally meant to answer you earlier.

Everyone - In HER MOUTH! Right? I know. She thought it was her cat, but it wasn't. Not that a cat's paw in your mouth is some kind of picnic, but still...So, yeah, in conclusion - IN HER MOUTH - gah!