Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Things That Make Me Smile

(From Passive Aggressive Notes - I have no idea why they don't exist on Wednesdays, but it makes me smile!)
  • Watching my big piggycat chase after the laser pointer and listening to her purr while she's playing.
  • Listening to (and maybe chair dancing to) the songs from "Glee" in my office.
  • Blueberry sorbet mixed with lemon gelato or (it is surprisingly tasty) chocolate gelato.
  • Turning on my Christmas tree lights.
  • The #1 search that brings folks here is, "what's the opposite of exciting?"
  • Diet Barq's root beer.
  • Singing the "lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala" part of Lily Allen's "Smile".
  • Misery Night
  • My cinnamon chai candle with the wooden wick that sounds like a crackling fire.
  • Fuzzy socks.
  • Laying my jammies on the radiator while I shower & then putting on toasty jammies.
  • Toast and jam.
  • Hilarious texts and emails from Sarina.
  • My new Miche purse with its 6 different covers (or as Sarina calls them, "purse pants").
  • Pineapple.
  • My Jersey Shore nickname is L-Scream.  Awesome.
  • Snooze alarm dreams.
  • You fuckers.

What are 2 of yours?  Or 5... or however many you want...

Happy No Whining Wednesday!!


Sarah said...

You! Also, Swedish Fish.

Deistbrawler said...

I think all of my answers would be X-Rated...or at least NC-17.

The Management said...

-New baby smell and new baby giggles.
-being back to normal tomorrow.
-obseerving fucktardery from afar and laughing about it.
-oral sex. Both the giving and the receiving.

Trouble said...

- cookies
-staying up late with friends, drinking and laughing
-watching my kids practice so hard for comps
-people watching

Nicolae said...

Napping with my sister's dog.
Enjoying a good movie I haven't seen in some time.
Listening to a song and remembering something that happened when I heard it before.
Those little reminders that take you to a place you've forgotten you miss.
Hearing from someone for the first time in years and talking like we've only spent a day apart.
Going for a walk and finding a stream.

Cindy said...

My kidlets - when they smile, laugh or say something funny (about ever five minutes).

All the nice people at the fb, and you for dragging me.

Living room dance parties (me & kids)

My first cup of coffee.

When my kids play with the dog - who never moves unless playing with the kids.

Feeding my family with yummy baked treats.

Snuggling in bed.

Cindy said...

And geep! Geep makes me smile.

jM said...

- Spreading the gospel of panda rape about the internets.

- 3 a.m. cigarettes on the roof in a big down coat and light jammies.

- The Independent Lens: Between the Folds episode on PBS last night! It was all about paper and origami arts and how the geometry and other mathematic principles behind it are being used in a myriad of ways from teaching kids math, to compacting airbags, to developing proteins that fold in ways that fight and prevent diseases. I sat in front of the TV with my legs crossed and my hands over my mouth like a 5 year old in a permanent state of awe and squee.

- When my cat gives my computer the side-eye because it gets all the attention.

- When I wake up laughing hysterically for no reason but later realize it's because I dreamed the plot to Step Up 4: The Hill and it included political intrigue, Bollywood, Bill Pullman as the president again, and awesome dance numbers.

- All of you guys, for reals.

- Pantsless weekdays.

- I still have amazing leftovers from Thanksgiving.

- Dance videos on Youtube. (CAUTION: May lead to dreams of dance movies that don't exist.)


Girl With Curious Hair said...

-Sarah's brilliant emails and comment diversions. Or Sarah in general.

-Lainey, who I am copying in all her Jammie Pants glory (but not in a stalkerish way).

-The Pajibettes in all their smart, strong and funny ways.

-Tom Yum soup--which I will have today if I have to crawl to it.

-Books and music that transport me from where I am to a happier place.

-Friends who I can call with no shame or fear of judgment.

-Toasted waffles, peanut butter and maple syrup (when I have an appetite, unlike the last few days).

-Red boots.

-Babies that I can play with and spoil.

Lainey said...

All of these made me smile! Thanks for playing along!!