Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Things That Make Others Smile

Last week I asked you all to list little things that make you smile and I sat here grinning like a fool reading them all - thank you!  So, today's post started because of a conversation Cindy and I had on a Facebook comment.  Today, I'm offering up a challenge - what little thing can you do to make someone else smile?

Nothing major or insincere, but if you feel like playing, try to compliment someone today.  The lady in Accounting who always smiles when you see her or that guy who sits in the corner of the lunchroom by himself, or the cashier at Target or the counterperson at Chick-Fil-A (true story, the guy who rang up my order last week at Chick-Fil-A told me I had really pretty nails. I was kind of surprised because I don't do anything to them; I just let them grow and keep them fairly even, but his off-hand comment brightened my little day a tidge).   When you think about it, how often do YOU get a sincere compliment from a co-worker or stranger?  Does it make your day a bit better or am I that easily amused?

Anyway, you can share it in the comments here or you can keep it to yourself or hell, you don't even have to do it if it seems disengenous.  I'm judging our company's Cubicle Decorating Contest this morning, so since I'm going to be all over the building and talking to employees I don't usually interact with, I'm going to try to notice little things and make a point to mention them.  Who knows, maybe they'll just think I'm weirder than they thought, but maybe it'll make one person's day.  Maybe it'll make MY day?

Happy No Whining Wednesday!!


Shadows of Dakaron said...

Maybe you're a little happiness freak?

I really don't do a lot, I'll admit. I'm not a happiness person, nor am I a social person...I'd rather keep my head down and keep walking. However, occasionally I see the opportunity to spread a little bit of cheer with a small word or gesture. I'm a big smiler, and I'll frequently let others ahead of me in line, help ladies get something from a top shelf, or mention how nice that shirt looks on you.

Cindy said...

If I get out of the house today, I surely will. I think I realized the other day just how big such a little moment can be.

Maybe I'll play on fb...

Hey, my verification word is "begmout" and that looks an awful lot like "bigmouth"! Have you trained this thing to insult people???

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Hey, I totally missed last week's! How did that happen?

Well, last night I went to Burger King (ugh, and I still have the agita), and I gave the guy who helped me a big smile and a cheery "Have a nice night!" and he looked kind of stunned for a second (I get the feeling not many people actually look fast food employees in the eye or speak to them other than to mumble their orders) and then gave me a big smile back and said "Thanks! You too!" I think he actually meant it because I did. People who work in fast food restaurants and retail stores are still people. I don't get people who cant treat fast food or retail employees like human beings, especially at the holidays. All anybody does is bitch them out for shit that usually isn't their fault, so I try to always be really nice and friendly. Bonus: It makes me feel happier too!

Also, this morning, I very nicely did not run over a pedestrian who deserved it. I think that was quite big of me. And she seemed pretty grateful, and then wished me a nice day on the coffee line.

Big Daddy said...

I like this sentiment. Sincerity is the key. Don’t say things that aren’t true. That way, when you have something nice to say – it rings true with the recipient.

Lainey said...

SoD - I *am* a little happiness freak! I would be so happy if someone would ever offer to get something off of a high shelf for me at the grocery store. Instead, I usually have to jump up and down and then flag some tall kid as he walks by and I'm pretty sure he looks at me and sees "STRANGER DANGER" flashing in neon above my head....anyway, my point is, that's very nice of you!

Cindy - I haven't trained it, but I think it's becoming aware...Skynet is everywhere!

AvB - I try to be extra nice to people in customer service-related jobs also, because, dear lawd I would hate to have to look at people's sour faces and snotty tones and cellphone conversations that *obviously* can't be put on hold for a moment and grrrrr, it bothers me how rude people are to the check-out lady or cashier at fast food places, etc. So, good for you! Also, VERY nice job on not running down the pedestrian. You get a sticker!

Big Daddy - Well THERE you are! I was wondering where you had wandered off to and I was hoping everything was ok. It's good to see you again! And yes, sincerity is key. We have a lady at work who lavishes compliments on everyone and it's so hollow and almost makes you feel like she's checking you off on the list in her head, you know?

Sofi said...

This may seem boring, but I always smile at people who look pissed off, stressed or sad. Christmas is a seriously stressful time for many people, particularly store clerks, and I always make sure I smile at them and say "good afternoon" & "have a nice day/Merry Christmas". They always smile back, and they look grateful.