Tuesday, July 28, 2009


My word, this week has flown. FLOWN, I say! It's time for No Whining Wednesday again already.

I found myself looking forward to it today when I started getting a tidge cranky and picking at the little things. It's been a rough few weeks at work and if I let myself, I can easily wallow in the crapitude and negativity. I'm looking at Wednesdays as a palate cleanser, you know? A good time to stop. Take a deep breath. Reevaluate things. Refocus my energy.

I definitely plan to add to it after work on Wednesday and I really hope to be able to get even MORE positivity (is that a real word?) from your comments, but here's my good stuff for now.

* It's been in the low-to-mid 70's (I have no idea what that is in Celsius. I think I have to do math to figure it out and that's just not gonna' happen) with nice breezes for most of July. It's so wonderful to be able to sleep with the windows open and not sweat to death. PLUS, I'm not a Josie Grossie, from the nasty heat and humidity, by the time I get from the parking lot to my office every day.

* I got "Coraline" in the mail on Monday and I'm so going to watch it after work. This pleases me to no end!

* Speaking of movies, the lovely and talented Anna von Beaverplatz and I had a virtual movie date. We watched "Galaxy Quest" and chatted online during it and it was SO much fun! We're going to do it again soon and I think we've selected the fanfreakingtastically AWESOME "Fear" with Mark Wahlberg (who I secretly love and I don't even care. Suck it.) and Reese Witherspoon. Anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome! OOOH AND? I drank a Pepsi Throwback while we watched. First, I can't remember the last time I drank a non-diet soda and secondly, NO clue the last time I had one with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, but it wasn't bad. It's kind of spicy tasting, which I was unprepared for, but not unpleasant at all... Sorry, that was kind of tangenty, wasn't it? I'm SORRY. I've had quite a bit of caffeine and sugar this evening and my thoughts aren't exactly linear!!! I might be a tiny bit excitable. (!!!!)

* And finally - Thirteen is still annoying as hell, BUT she checks her notes before she asks me questions AND she is starting to actually take some initiative and has been *helpful* a few times. Progress!

Ok guys, your turn. What's the good stuff in your lives? Hell, I'll settle for things that are making you less stabby today...


Deistbrawler said...

I guess its technically wednesday huh? Well, I've had the last two days off work so I haven't really wanted to kill anyone. That's a plus. I also finally went on my first date in a year. We went hiking...in the rain...was a good date.

Spender said...

Lainey-ainey-ainey-Bobainey-O... It's No Whining Wednesday and so I am self-censoring.
I WILL say that I'm glad you had a great time with AvB and hope that you and all others will have a midweek that will make a need to whine totally unnecessary. Now THAT would make me happy!

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

God morning, date! I had a delightful time. We definitely need to do it again, and apparently need to advertise more aggressively to those who might be inclined to join us. Because apparently, some people need more than tweets AND facebook updates... (hee!)

Anyhoodle, Happy No Whining Wednesday! Please wish me luck, I'm going to need it today...

Girl With Curious Hair said...

I have tons of stuff this week, despite a rocky, rocky start.

1) Thankful for your brilliant idea. Seriously. I started taking notes on Monday of every little good thing in case the week didn't get better.

2) My friend only has one more scheduled chemo session. YAY!

3) I have an awesome teammate who I want to hug for his kindness and humor.

4) I got reorged and am WORKING WITH MY FAVORITE MANAGER EVER once again. I've been doing happy dances all week.

5) I finished 'The Time Traveler's Wife'.

meaux said...

My summer schedule's finally starting to fall into place: I'm Newfoundland-bound next week, yay--and I booked a week of glorious vacation for later in August, double yay!

(It's much needed, as my occasionally temperamental cubicle neighbour's been in a perma-hissy-fit lately, and I need a break from him. Ummm...oops, that may have been a bit of a whine...is venting the same as whining? If so, please disregard parenthetical bit.)

Lainey said...

*You guys and your enthusiastic response to No Whining Wednesday pretty much got me through the day, so thanks for that. I mean it! PLUS, Dustin labeling a Pajiba article as "No Whining Wednesday" delighted me to no end. Oh and also, I had tacos. That put a smile on my face, too!

Deistbrawler - I may have to shorten that. It took me 4 tries to type it correctly! YAY, do you have a second date set up? How exciting! Enjoy.

Spender - I can't tell you how much I appreciate you trying to comply with this. I hope things get better for you VERY soon!

von Beav I hope your day turned out ok, especially after your tasty raisin bagel. What a letdown that would be... And YESSS!! I totally want to do that again. Yeah, we'll need a better way to get the word out since *some* people require engraved, hand-delivered invitations. Dipped in panda sweat.

Girl You make me smile! I love that you started writing down stuff throughout the week. And I'm SO glad you get to work with your favorite manager. It makes such a difference when you're surrounded by awesome people at work.

meaux OOOOH, vacation! Just the word makes me drool.
(I may need to introduce Bitchfest Tuesdays, so everyone can get their gripe on before Wednesdays.)

Eyvi Sprite said...

I'm late, I'm late! I'm sorry, I'm really not here to say anything useful (I'm going to go blog about it), I just wanted to say the picture accompanying the post is perfect. That cat looks how I feel every morning.

Lainey said...

Eyvi - I stole him from Cute Overload. I love his crankypants face! I'm looking forward to reading about your day.

Big Daddy said...

I really don't have anything to be excited about. But, I embraced No Whining Wednesday - all day - and am encouraging others to join me. So thanks Lainey for your inspiration!

Lainey said...

Oh Big Daddy, thank *you*! It thrills me to know that a handful of folks out there are trying to find and acknowledge the good things & spreading it! It's like a mini revolution.