Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FANfreakinFABULOUS Fall!

Happy No Whining Wednesday and Happy First Full Day of Fall!  (I love alliteration so much because I am a doofy dorkface!)

You guys, I love fall so much.  SOOOOO much!  The trees are just now starting to change and having grown up in San Diego with palm trees & perpetually green leaves, it's still breathtaking to me every year when the trees here change color.  I drive over a bridge (well, two bridges actually, but I'm usually SPEEDING over one of them and I can't look around at the scenery...sorry, tangent...) on my way to work and watching the valley change colors during the next month will make me happy every single morning, if only for an instant; I look forward to it every year.  

I start cooking in fall.  Crock Pot meals that cook all day and smell amazing when I walk in the door after work.  Giant pots of chili simmering.  I might buy a bread machine and see if that's something I like.  I see the pictures Figgy posts (oooh, happy birthday, figster!!!) of the gorgeous loaves of bread and I can only imagine how fantastic fresh baking bread would smell....mmmmm.....yeah, I'm gonna' buy a bread machine! 

I love wearing my fuzzy socks and my flannel jammie pants. I can't wait to wrap myself in my pretty fleece blanket (Sarina's making me a blanket.  Why?  Because she is AWESOME and because she loves me even though I yell at her and shun her.) and curl up with a book.  I love rolling down the windows in my car and turning on my heated seats.  I love wearing darker colors because I look really good in dark purples and dark greens and because I often spill shit down the front of my boobs and I feel darker colors hide it better.  There are just so many things to love about fall!  Even the name, "autumn" sounds beautiful, doesn't it? 

Ok my little sweet potatoes, what's your favorite thing about fall?  (And don't say summer's your favorite season - I don't give a shit.  We're talking about fall.)   What do you look forward to each autumn?


jM said...

I love rolling down the windows in my car and turning on my heated seats.

YES. I do the same thing but sans heated seats. I love fall. Love, love, love.

They come out of the woodwork this time of year (or the ground) and everything gets a dash of pumpkin in it. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin spice beer. It's glorious.

Jackets & Sweaters & Blankets
Layers of warm goodness they are and ditto on dark colors. Also hoodies, boots, and hobo gloves. Or whatever the official name of those fingerless gloves are.

Soups & Warm Things
Don't they just taste better in Autumn? I love holding/eating/drinking out of warm bowls and mugs while in my PJs and half under a blanket.

And just being outside and walking around. That bitch Summer constantly tries to trick me into thinking I want to be outside, but I just end up sweaty and surly in under two minutes. Autumn would never do that to me. The air is crisp but not freezing and there's no humidity destroying my hair. It's perfect weather for walking around the city.

Nicolae said...

At the moment, I'm enjoying the fact that Dr. No is on. But I enjoy the holidays during the season. How much nicer people generally become toward the end of the year, and how much more people suddenly value their familiar and other relationships. Now I'm going back to Dr. No.

The Management said...

I like the crisp mornings when it's just under freezing. Oh, and the start of the hockey season. Also the fact that work starts to slow down a bit.

cindy said...

I love a brisk fall afternoon, when the air smells like burning leaves (are people still allowed to do that?). I love pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream and pumpkin spice lattes. I love Halloween. We have a great town street where people decorate their houses to the hilt and there is a dog costume contest.
Less frizzy hair, cozy sweaters and boots...

I love driving down streets like mine - where the brightly colored trees hang over - and it creates a gorgeous sort of kaleidoscope tunnel.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Sweaters and boots! Sweaters and boots! Whoo! Also, thirding the less frizzy hair. And hobo gloves, which is what I'm calling them from now on even if that's not their real name. And delicious pies, and better apples, fresher, not hothouse, and in more varieties (Pink Lady! Yessssss!). The people down the street from me have a woodstove and will start having fires in it soon, which will smell delightful as I'm driving home. The smell of autumn in general. Sweaters and boots. Clear deep blue skies. Sweet potatoes. Sweet potato fries. The view from my huge 5th-story office window overlooking the Hudson Valley. The death of all the damn millipedes (and mosquitoes). Sweaters and boots. Summer makes me cranky; fall makes me feel alive. Fall feels like possibilities. Halloween is awesome. Mmm, candy corn. It's available year round, but somehow it tastes better now. Oh! And those pumpkin-shaped mellocreme candies. Sweaters and boots. The maple tree in my front yard. the crazy maple in the middle of town, which changes color half at a time, literally right down the middle. Chrysanthemums everywhere. The return of "our" turkeys. Sweaters and boots. Wool socks. Thermal long-sleeved t-shirts. Seconding jM's love of pumpkin and soup/warm things. Football. My football-watching lap blanket. Afghans. The end of baseball. New shows on the teevee. Fall classes. Nights cool enough to sleep without the fan on. Sweaters and boots.

I love lots of things about Autumn!! And thinking about them made me less whiny. Hooray for No Whining Wednesday!

Big Daddy said...

The cool brisk weather - when you go camping you build a fire because you need a fire. There are few things better than sitting around the campfire burning marshmallows and telling stories.

Eyvi Sprite said...

Mmmm, Morning fog. Sweaters and boots! Woodstoves (I have my own AvB, nah nah na nah nah, but you are welcome to come smell it (eww, that sounds...dirty)). Chili, stew, soup and all the other nummy hot food summer is too stinkin' hot for. Flannel sheets. Snuggling in those flannel sheets. Marshmallows and wieners over an open fire. Colourful leaves. Apples, but more importantly: apple pie. The list is endless really, because fall is so fantastic. But I would have to say my absolute favourite is the smell. The damp, aged smell is something I look forward to every fall.

meaux said...

The leaves, the glorious leaves! They're so darned pretty.

Also, the cooler temperatures make outdoor work so much nicer.

Nicole said...

Football. Football. Football.