Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Whatcha Watchin'?

I think I watch too much tv. Yeah, I'm actually pretty certain that I do. I am WAY too excited about the new tv season starting! I'm already planning my tv events. I *cannot* wait until "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" comes back on September 17th and I'm looking forward to the new Joel McHale show "Community", which I think also starts on the 17th. I watched the pilot online and it was pretty funny. I really liked the pilot for "Glee" that aired in May and am looking forward to seeing more of it. I think the pilot is being re-aired tonight at 9:00, so if you missed it, you should check it out. It's pretty darling.

I've also succumbed to the "Doctor Who" peer pressure over on Pajiba. Steven Lloyd Wilson's articles really piqued my interest and then Dustin's ringing endorsement finished the job - I need to watch this show. It's available on Instant Viewing through Netflix, so I may try to get in a season or two before the fall network season kicks in and I allow it to suck up all of my free time.

I haven't watched the season finale yet of "Fringe". It's stored on my DVR and I was holding off until right before the new season starts up, but I'm getting antsy because I forgot that stupid FOX doesn't usually start their fall season until after the World Series, which is when? October? I don't know. The fucking Indians are never going to be in the stupid World Series, so I don't really pay any attention. OOOH and then there's basketball - I think that starts up again in like October, so I'm going to be tied to the tube watching the Cavs with the new combo of Lebron and Shaq. Until they start losing and then I'll get bored and unless my dad gets me loge tickets again, I'll go back to not giving a shit about basketball.

It goes without saying (except obviously it doesn't, since I'm going to say it anyway) that I can't wait for "30 Rock" to come back and "The Office" (but only episodes when they don't actually leave the office. Those episodes outside of the office tend to get on my nerves because they're SO slapsticky and over the top). I'm curious to see what Joss does with the second season of "Dollhouse" and to see if Eliza Dushku's acting improved over the summer. I'm betting it didn't, but I'm going to be POSITIVE and hope it does (there's my No Whining Wednesday contribution)!

I'm sure there are other shows I'm missing. "Friday Night Lights" and the final season of "LOST" don't air until next year, so I'm not including them. What am I forgetting? What are you looking forward to watching and are there any returning shows you recommend checking out?

Oh and happy No Whining Wednesday! I've been off work for 4 days in a row, so Wednesday is either going to be a piece of cake (mmmm...cake...) or it's going to irritate the crap out of me to be back at the office. If things start going south, I'm going to really try to remember that it's only a 3-day workweek and then it's a 3-day weekend.

I want to hear from you kids. What are you looking forward to? Tv stuff? Holiday weekend plans? Just general life stuff? What keeps you going through the week?


jM said...

I really liked the Community pilot, so I'm excited about that. Same goes for Glee an Caprica.

I can't wait for It's Always Sunny, 30 Rock, and The Office. I need to catch up on Fringe at some point. Have you seen the 13th episode of Dollhouse? It was pretty good (probably because it featured little Dusku) and had some cool ideas in it. I just hope they realize that they need to focus more on the other characters. And I'm still bitter about T:SCC getting canned.

I keep forgetting that I have to wait until the END OF JANUARY for more LOST. That hurts. And only shirtless photos of Sawyer and Sayid can fix it.

The previews for V and Flash Forward seemed pretty interesting so I'll probably check those out, too.

On the reality front, Project Runway has started back up and So You Think You Can Dance will be starting soon. I just hope this season is better than the last one. Oh and ANTM for my crazy quota. It's the shorties season! That means 100 proof crazy.

I started watching series one of Doctor Who on Netflix mid summer and... I don't know. It hasn't done anything for me yet. It's taken me all month just to get to episode 6. I think I might have went in with too many expectations, but I'm reserving judgement until I'm finished with series one.

Wow, I watch a LOT of television. Thank goodnes for DVRs.

Sarah said...

There's a new episode of iCarly on September 12th!

What? Whatchoo mean, grown-up TV? Oh. Um... well, I will be watching the second season of "Dollhouse" because I like to torture myself and hey, it's possible that it could really improve, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, that's all the television I can remember caring about. Some of the new shows like "Community" and "V" and "Caprica" might interest me, but I keep forgetting they exist, so who knows if I'll actually watch them. I watched that preview of "Glee" in May. It was cute. I might watch it, if I remember. I love "Project Runway", but I tend to forget about it (I think I sense a theme) so I usually watch it all before the last few episodes air when they do the marathons.

I'm really not a good TV viewer. I've never seen "LOST" or "Friday Night Lights" or "It's Always Sunny" or "30 Rock" or "The Office" (either version). I watched one episode of "Fringe" last year and just wasn't into it at all. I saw a few episodes of "Dr. Who" years ago when the new series first started, and it was cute and funny, but apparently not enough to get me to actually watch it.

I'm pretty weird in general, but I'm just plain abnormal when it comes to television.

Girl With Curious Hair said...

Do you know that your NWW is sometimes the little life raft I hang on to to get through the week? It is. I feel compelled to say SOMETHING positive. So, thank you for this.

I just booked hotel arrangements for the weekend in LA. I don't like LA, even when I kind of lived there. BUT! I have plans. Museums to see, people to meet, schemes to plot and possibly take over the world. YAY!

MelBivDevoe said...

Doctor Who is available for instant viewing on Netflix? I think I've finally run out of excuses... guess I'll be starting that one soon. I've never seen a single ep. Same thing with Firefly, which I guess is available on Hulu.

I plan on watching It's Always Sunny..., Glee, Community, V, and the new season of SYTYCD, and I'm already watching Project Runway. And of course, The Office and 30 Rock when they start back up. My DVR will be working hard this fall!

As for looking forward to things, I'm excited to be going to a wedding this weekend. It should be a good chance to catch up with some college friends.

Sean said...

The "Glee" pilot is re-airing on Friday night, I believe. I have it set to record. I'll eventually get into the "Doctor Who," but on my list before that is season five of "The Wire" and the end of season two of "Reaper."

What excites me right now, though, is my new (but used) rowing machine, the final instrument in my den of torture (also know as "my garage"). That, and that we're going to Virginia this weekend to spend a day on a lake with some family. Exciting!

Eyvi Sprite said...

I have a job interview on friday!

I'm looking forward to House and Fringe. That's about the extent of my tv viewing. Oh! Right now I'm watching the latest season (at least, I think it is) of SYTYCD Canada.

And the 3 day weekend of course, that should be something for everyone to look forward to!

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

I, too, am super excited for SYTYCD. I watched the first episode of Project Runway, but I keep forgetting it's on, so now I have to catch up. Same with Mad Men. I think I'm only one behind on that, though. Looking forward to HIMYM, Big Bang Theory, and Dollhouse. I've no idea how I'm going to watch all these things, since I do not have DVR, my VCR is dead, and I have school on Mondays and Wednesdays starting tonight. Looks like I'll be doing a lot of next-day online viewing (which is good, in a way, because less commercials than live, though not as few as when DVRd). Also, looking forward to school, because I'm kind of a dork (this morning, I told Tim that classes start tonight, and did a little happy dance followed by a "touchdown" arm gesture. Why, yes, I *am* that dorky, thanks!).

This weekend, I have a gathering to attend Friday night, which will be HIGHLY entertaining. The purpose of this gathering is for my friend who's throwing it to introduce us to her cousin*, who just came back from Iraq and WHOM SHE'S DATING. Yes, I have a very special group of friends, indeed. Then, Saturday, I'm invited to a party about an hour or so west of where I live (Blairstown, which is lovely and also where the original Friday the 13th was filmed, and he owns the diner that was used in it, which is neat), at a friend's place with a pool and some other friends have a band which will be playing. That will definitely be a good time, if I decide to make the drive out.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to some relaxing time. Yay for relaxing! Whoo hoo! Happy long weekend, everyone! (Wait, Canadians have a holiday too? Really? Is it the same, or like National Hug A Canadian day or some weird thing?)

*To be fair, not a first cousin. I think they're like 4th cousins or something. But still.

Nicolae said...

I'm waiting for 24 to come back on. After the strike I was glad to see it again. At least until the no talent daughter came back on toward the end of the season. Her appearance supposedly saves Jack so I'll forgive them this time. If I'm lucky, they will kill her off in the first episode. I need my fix.

Deistbrawler said...

Castle and Sons of Anarchy. Sons of Anarchy starts next week I think. I haven't bothered to look up Castle yet.

I don't know...I don't have cable. I use HULU.

Lainey said...

My word - you're a tv-addicted bunch, aren't you? I'll come back later and respond to everyone individually, but I'm VERY busy watching something on the teevee right now!

I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday and I thank you SOOO much for participating!

PS: Glee was on tonight, but as Sean said, it's also being shown again on Friday night, so if you missed it, you have yet another chance to see it. Watch it. Is good!