Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No Whining Wednesday

Can you believe we've been playing No Whining Wednesday for 3 months now?  That's 12 weeks of making a concerted effort to focus on the positives (for one day a week) rather than the negatives.  That's pretty damn impressive, mon petite chou-chous!   For 1/4 of a year we've all chosen to turn our frowns upside down (okay, maybe not - but we've TRIED and that's the important part)!

My dad told me a lot of shit over the years (seriously A LOT of shit), but one thing he consistently told me is, "what goes around comes around" and he's not wrong.  It may not happen immediately, but I've seen it happen enough to believe it's true.  It's kind of the same concept with No Whining Wednesday. I'm a big believer in "you get what you give".  I can't speak for the rest of you, but for me, I both look forward to and dread Wednesdays.  I dread it because I know that I have to watch my stupid mouth and not be an asshole even though it's my automatic response and I look forward to it because I know that all of you are watching your mouths and not being assholes, too! 

I want to clarify a couple of misconceptions about NWW for people who've been around since it started and also for new readers (Hi, new readers!  I don't know why Blogger doesn't tell me when new people start following, but don't you think that would be a good idea?) who may want to participate, but aren't sure of the specifics.  You don't have to be sprinkles and light and not have a bad day.  I think I may have given the impression that you have to *only* talk about positive and happy things even if your day sucks beyond the telling of it.  That's not true.  Just try to find a way to focus on the up-side or find one good thing in that shitty day.  Find the good in the situation.  Even if you have to really s t r e t c h to find it, I promise you'll feel slightly better (if only for 2 seconds) when you identify the positive spin.  Like the cartoon above illustrates, your mood is up to you.  Also, I think some people think that by NOT posting about anything positive, they're not playing.  So not true!  If you're just refraining from bitching about how rotten your day/life is, you're TOTALLY playing!  That's really what it's about.  It's not about only having a good day; it's about not letting your bad day overcome you or seep into everyone else's day.  Does that make sense?

There's a website I found this past weekend that sorta' exemplifies what No Whining Wednesday is about.  It's called, "It Made My Day" and it has some entries that are totally in line with the sentiment I'm trying to get across.  A lot of the entries lean toward the petty-ish, but a lot of them are about finding the silver lining without being all psycho pep squad about it.  Check it out and let me know if you agree.  Also, as usual, if you're feeling it, please let me know what good things are going on with you. You have no idea how much I look forward to your happy moments!

Happy No Whining Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

*pinches your cheeks*

The Management said...

1. It's my birthday and I'm not dead so yay!

2. Given that it is my birthday I reserve the right to sit this NWW out.

3. I'm not wearing pants.

Deistbrawler said...

Well, since the next two, possibly three weeks of my life are going to a pretty much total fucking hell. Hrmmmm.

I will tell you this, tomorrow, or today as the case may be, I will try to stay positive.

I will go see my sister and my now one month old nephew.

I will try to be happy as I can be at work.

I will try to figure a way out of my financial crisis.

Sarah said...

I woke up on my living room floor about an hour and a half ago with no pants on (holla, birthday boy!) holding a water bottle full of Kool Aid and with no memory of having MADE any Kool Aid. Drugs are fun. Spontaneous naps are fun. Know what else is fun? Kleenex with Vicks in 'em. Menthol! Yay!

Sean said...

How can anyone whine when Admin is pantsless? Hubba hubba.

It's been a long time since my days of high school French, but--given that it's French and thus, naturally douchey--I think that your phrase up there is incorrect. Since you're speaking to a group of chou-chous, you should refer to us as "mes petites chou-chous."


Still, though: Admin has no pants!

Girl With Curious Hair said...

I just made my fundraising minimum thanks to awesome donors (like you!). I don't even mind that I realized very soon after that a) I ate a waffle with vinegar and b) I too have a waffle and maple syrup addiction that I hadn't even recognized until I accidentally had vinegar instead.

Big Daddy said...

Whew! Glad you took the time to outline how it works. I was thinking along those lines, but let's face it - sometimes even on Wednesdays - life just sneaks up on you and kicks you in the britches.

Anyway, I have nothing to complain about today anyway. So I won't! Happy NWW to all!

Big Daddy said...

Also - I am at work, so sadly I am wearing pants. (Not complaining about it.)

Whorish Mouth said...

My friend told me today that she loves my big head. It kinda made my day. LOL

Eyvi Sprite said...

I'm baaaaack!

Happy Birthday, Admin!

I am guilty of not participating cause I felt like I wasn't doing it right last week, so thanks for setting me straight! I am re-committed to NWW.

Also? Admin and Sarah (oh, Poor sarah) are making me think I should remove my pants?

cindy said...

Um, I'm drinking beer?

Hubby's getting up with the kids tomorrow so I get to sleep in after several ridiculously early morning wake-up (my son).

Tomorrow is also my evening run away, to my favorite yoga class. I take my daughter to ballet and then have a couple of hours to run errands or hang out at the book store before class. So I'm very grateful for Thursdays.

I wrote you a long comment about maple syrup but something went screwy and I lost it. So just to recap, make homemade kettle corn (pop corn on the stove) with maple syrup. You will die of salty sweet yummy-ness.