Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!

Holy crap, this year has come to an end in a quick hurry!  Like all of a sudden.  It seems like the appropriate time to do an end-of-year post, but I don't really feel like it.  I'm not feeling introspective and I'm not making a bunch of resolutions, so it just doesn't really feel like that would be a good post to write or read. 

Instead, I would like to talk about how small my cat's head is.  Seriously, you guys, it's tiny.  She looks like a seal.  Big round body;  bitty, little head.  And then these giant eyes.  She sounds kind of creepy when I describe her like that, but she's really not, she's just terribly unfortunately proportioned.  She's actually cute.  Angie describes her as grand.  It's fitting.

Also, I would like to talk about what a fucking nutjob Sarina is.  I know this doesn't really come as a shock to anyone, but sometimes it just needs to be said.  Sometimes people might wonder if she's truly crazypants or if it's just an act - I'm here to tell you that girlfriend is beyond batshit.  Of course, I should also say that I love her more than anything else.  Well, not more than waffles, but a LOT.

Oh and not related to anything, I got a calendar for Christmas.  It's called "3,650 things to be happy about.", so you can all just pretty much COUNT on that shit getting sprinkled around the joint when I have nothing good for No Whining Wednesdays.  Here's an example of what EVERY page is like:
  • an owl hooting
  • milk with your meal
  • an unexpected job offer
  • the patience to untangle a knot
  • finger painting
  • helping out a neighbor
  • the vocabulary of pasta shapes
  • conserving electricity
  • stories behind photographs
  • relishing the preparations
So, there's that.  I don't know that those things make me *happy*, but they don't make me *sad*, so I'm going to go with it. 

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm just babbling at this point and I have no idea how to finish this, so I'm just going to wish you all a happy No Whining Wednesday and ask if you have any big New Year's Eve plans or resolutions?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009



So, there's this boy (although, maybe he would rather be called a man...)  Ok, so, there's this MAN and I'm maybe kinda' sorta' smitten with him and I *think* he's a little sweet on me, too.  Well, if he's not, he spends an awful damn lot of time on the phone with me when he could be doing ANYTHING else (seriously, y'all, contrary to what I'm SURE you're thinking, I am not really all that fascinating to talk to.  I know, shocking!).   He's SUPER smart and funny and sweet and I just really enjoy getting to know him.  My days are way more fun (and way less productive - sorry, boss!) and my nights are filled with entertaining conversations and lots of giggling.  Unfortunately, we don't live in the same place, so our time together is limited to gmail and the phone, but it's nice because we're actually having some good talks instead of just having the non-stop sex.  Please don't misunderstand, I'm not OPPOSED to the non-stop sex, but I'm also loving the extended foreplay of hearing his slight, little southern accent talk about my thiiighs...  Oh and also talking about politics, child-rearing, Oxford Commas, work, religion, and other hot-button topics on which we actually mostly agree (much to my surprise, frankly).

I'm not prepared to really talk about details, but I needed to say something, because I haven't had the flutterflies in a long time and it's awfully fun.  I forgot what it was like.

And now that I've rambled on and on, how are you?  Ready for Christmas?  Anything fun YOU want to talk about?

Happy No Whining Wednesday (late, but it's 11:59, so still totally counts) and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Things That Make Others Smile

Last week I asked you all to list little things that make you smile and I sat here grinning like a fool reading them all - thank you!  So, today's post started because of a conversation Cindy and I had on a Facebook comment.  Today, I'm offering up a challenge - what little thing can you do to make someone else smile?

Nothing major or insincere, but if you feel like playing, try to compliment someone today.  The lady in Accounting who always smiles when you see her or that guy who sits in the corner of the lunchroom by himself, or the cashier at Target or the counterperson at Chick-Fil-A (true story, the guy who rang up my order last week at Chick-Fil-A told me I had really pretty nails. I was kind of surprised because I don't do anything to them; I just let them grow and keep them fairly even, but his off-hand comment brightened my little day a tidge).   When you think about it, how often do YOU get a sincere compliment from a co-worker or stranger?  Does it make your day a bit better or am I that easily amused?

Anyway, you can share it in the comments here or you can keep it to yourself or hell, you don't even have to do it if it seems disengenous.  I'm judging our company's Cubicle Decorating Contest this morning, so since I'm going to be all over the building and talking to employees I don't usually interact with, I'm going to try to notice little things and make a point to mention them.  Who knows, maybe they'll just think I'm weirder than they thought, but maybe it'll make one person's day.  Maybe it'll make MY day?

Happy No Whining Wednesday!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little Things That Make Me Smile

(From Passive Aggressive Notes - I have no idea why they don't exist on Wednesdays, but it makes me smile!)
  • Watching my big piggycat chase after the laser pointer and listening to her purr while she's playing.
  • Listening to (and maybe chair dancing to) the songs from "Glee" in my office.
  • Blueberry sorbet mixed with lemon gelato or (it is surprisingly tasty) chocolate gelato.
  • Turning on my Christmas tree lights.
  • The #1 search that brings folks here is, "what's the opposite of exciting?"
  • Diet Barq's root beer.
  • Singing the "lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala" part of Lily Allen's "Smile".
  • Misery Night
  • My cinnamon chai candle with the wooden wick that sounds like a crackling fire.
  • Fuzzy socks.
  • Laying my jammies on the radiator while I shower & then putting on toasty jammies.
  • Toast and jam.
  • Hilarious texts and emails from Sarina.
  • My new Miche purse with its 6 different covers (or as Sarina calls them, "purse pants").
  • Pineapple.
  • My Jersey Shore nickname is L-Scream.  Awesome.
  • Snooze alarm dreams.
  • You fuckers.

What are 2 of yours?  Or 5... or however many you want...

Happy No Whining Wednesday!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Whining Wednesday

So, yeah, um I have nothing to write about, so instead I'm going to post a picture of my Christmas Tree.  I haven't had a Christmas tree since I was 12, so I had no ornaments for it.  I spent an assload of money at the Target (which, I'm not even lying when I say that I should NOT be allowed to visit Target without a chaperone) and bought festive decorations and lights and I picked a theme!  I went with silver and teal and I like it.  The silver stands out way more than the teal does, but I like the little pops of color from the blue.  For a first timer, I think I did an ok job.  LOOK!

Yeah, that's it.  I got nothing.  I am SOO sleepy that my wee eyes are closing on me and it's taking everything I have to sit semi-upright to type this.  In fact, I'm actually typing this with my eyes closed because they hurt.  I'm very old.   Seriously, so sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Do you guys have anything good to talk about?  I know Miss Lizzie's taking the GRE today and I know she's going to knock it out of the park!  I know Ms. jamiepants's Saints (who dat?) are whuppin' all the other teams in the NFL and she is LOVIN' it!  I know mr. gp has some fun stuff going on that makes him all giddy and bouncy, which makes *me* giddy and bouncy (but not TOO bouncy, because I have the PMS and my bewbs hurt like a motherfucker right now.  Oh, hi, welcome to my overshare).   I also happen to know another handsome gentleman who has some fun stuff going on...hmmm, coincidence??

Here's what I have to look forward to:  New episode of "Glee!", the jammies that I ordered should be arriving Thursday (seriously, this is the SLOWEST online order ever!), I have Friday off, so I have a 3-day weekend in which to lounge in the aforementioned jammiepants, "Better Off Ted" Season 1 dvds are on their way to my house RIGHT NOW (I really can't explain why I'm SO excited about that, I just am.)  What else?  Tell me your good stuff so I can look forward to that, too!