Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tell Me Good News, Man...

There was a time not very long ago when my boss and I were both a bit overwhelmed. We were terribly understaffed, we were drowning in mounds of paperwork, we had management staff throwing us overboard every chance they had and we felt like our days would never end. We used to play a game every day. I called it, “Tell Me Good News”. (I’m not gonna’ lie – I stole the line from the movie Speed. Say what you will, it’s one of my favorite crappy movies EVER and I watch it every single time it’s on cable.)

Things have been going better at work for us. Our office is pretty well staffed (fingers crossed that saying that doesn’t jinx us and bring about a mass exodus Monday…), the paperwork has been filed or otherwise “handled”, and management seems to have decided we’re not total idiots or they’re too busy to notice that we’re still idiots sometimes. Since things have calmed down we haven’t played the game and I’ve realized that I rarely stop and think about things I’m grateful for or things that make me happy, or hell, things that make my day slightly less sucky.

So, I want to start playing “Tell Me Good News” again. I want to make sure that I notice at least ONE good thing each day rather than only bitching about the bad things. My hope is that some of you may want to play, too. The rules are very simple. Anyone can play and all you need to do is list one good thing that you did or saw or heard or read about today. You can ABSOLUTELY add more than one, but you need to have at least one. Any questions so far?

I’ll start:

1) I LOVE my Wii Fit! LOVE it. I never thought I’d enjoy exercising and for once, I really, really do.

2) This week, I’ve cooked fish and eaten hummus for the first time and turns out? Really good! I like them both and I’m looking forward to trying more new foods that are better for me than the crap I normally eat.

3) One more – According to Google Reader, SEVEN people read this dribble on a semi-regular basis. 7! That just makes me so happy that at least 7 people pretend to give a rat’s ass about my blatherings. Thanks, guys!

Ok, I’m looking forward to seeing your responses. Don’t leave me hanging!


Jeremy Feist said...

Okay, lemme think...

1) It's my Mom's birthday today! Yay!

2) I bought the first season of Buffy the other day, since I never really watched it because I was too young.

3) I got 80% on my first Cal quiz! 80%! Seriously, considering how much I suck at it, this is a really good start, so yay me!

Lainey said...

1) Happy Birthday, Jeremy Darling's Mom!
2) I hope you get as much joy out of the show as I did. I freakin' adore it!
3) Good job, Pumpkin. Keep up the good work!

meaux said...

Oh Lainey, I may have to steal this game! I love my co-workers, but a few of them are very bad for focusing on their problems and forgetting the good things.

1. Mr. meaux brought me flowers for no reason last week. He hasn't done that in over a year! It was very sweet and surprising.

2. I'm finally getting motivated and getting my heinie back to the gym on a regular basis. Starting to feel that in-shape feeling again after a few months' hiatus.

3. There's a squirrel eating birdseed from the feeder outside my window, and he's the cutest thing ever. Not exactly good news, but it is making me smile.

Nice work on the Cal, Jeremy! And Lainey, just so's you know, I for one enjoy the hell out of your writing. You shouldn't be surprised that you have a following, chickie!

Lainey said...

meaux, you should totally steal it! I'm not even kidding, it made a world of difference in our attitudes. My boss and I both knew that we had to look for the good (even if it was as sad as, "today, I didn't get a single papercut!") because we were going to have our discussion at the end of each day.

Awwww, Mr. meaux sounds like a keeper. And the image of the squirrel made me smile, too. Thanks for playing!

Pants said...

This will require some effort since I'm quite sick and very much in a bitch-about-everything mode, but for you, my dear... Anything!

1. The US President keeps saying smart things on tv.

2. Today I called my ex-boyfriend in tears because I had to cancel a job interview due to enduring ridiculously high fevers and was in pain. (He is a doctor and a great friend. Also, we still have sex sometimes but it's not akward or painful or anything like that.) And he managed to make me laugh and cheer me up within minutes. Friends rock!

3. Thanks to Marra I am now following my hero Stephen Fry on Twitter, and despite feeling like a total nerd/stalker, I am delighted to read his random thoughts in real time.

4. The flu is eating away at my leftover holiday weight. Bye bye beerbaby!

Will that do?

Lainey said...

You are a trooper, Pants! I'm so sorry that you're feeling so poorly, but I'm so glad that you played my silly game. Thank you!

I need a doctor/funny/sexy friend, too! Wow, what a fantastic combination.

"Beerbaby" made me laugh! I hope you start feeling better soon. Please take good care of yourself. And please continue to enjoy our new president. =)

Anonymous said...

Just saw this today, Lainey my love, but what an awesome idea. (I'm usually pretty good at this on a regular basis, but I do fall into periods where I forget.)

Today was a good, if uneventful, day. My favorite thing: dear pseudo-Mr. vB got a new clock for the living room because I'm always complaining that I can't see the tiny, dim old clock radio we have on top of the entertainment center. The new one he got has bright green numbers (instead of red) and they are about two inches high. Every time one of us walks through the room, we yell, "Oh my god it's 4:15 (or whatever time it is) because it's HUGE. And made of AWESOME. That guy cracks me up.